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Anyone riding cow or middle creek sunday?

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Work, then not work, now on call.


Took my son and the DRZ today, we did Cutoff Sled, 8/10/ to the interior

and just rode everywhere in the middle for 2 hours. Great shape, Sled has

been graded into a launch pad circuit. I had as much air as I ever really

wanted on a DRZ which really was not much. Must be 50 quality jumps

in the top half, no ruts or bumps; it was really fun. Moist and puddled in

the middle. Lots of tree maintenance on going as well. Was like a great

day in the park.

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I was a middle creek last sunday. I'm not a big fan of that new trail machine they have. Seems like they are trying to blade every trail they have.

38 couter clockwise is getting more fun the longer they leave it alone.

we gotta ride again soon Jim.

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I will be going up to either one tomorrow. Not sure yet of which one. I rode Stony the week before last and it was pretty good. Just a lot of snow up top. If I go to Cow I usually launch from the Lakeport side (creek), and if I go to CC I launch from Half way up the hill on lower Deer valley road. I'll be by myself and am up to ride with someone but I like to leave early in the morning and be riding by 7 or 7:30. Let me know if you are interested.

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7:30am is fine for either place. Your choice. Rode cc last sunday and it was perfect. Small amount of snow on skeeter ridge fire roads but trails are clear.

Starter seeing lots of traffic at noon but no close calls. Creek on 37 is deep but passable.

Have not been to cow since last September.

let me know.

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