oil leaking out weep hole

i got oil leaking out of the weep hole on the exhaust side of the head on my 04 wr450...only just bought the bike,could it be the rocker cover gasket is not sealed properly around spark plug hole?


Do you have a picture ?

sorry dont have a pic....its just oil coming out of the little round hole that is in the middle of the right side of head

Are you talking about the drain hole. It drains any water that might get down in the spark plug well. If that is the case I'm not sure about oil coming out of there.

yes,the drain hole for the spark plug well. i have oil seeping out that hole when the bike is running.

im hoping it is a bad top cover gasket not sealing around the spark plug hole.

That's what it sounds like to me. I would pull it off and look for any pinch marks from where it was not seated properly.

yes there is deffinatly a pinch mark around the spark plug hole of the rubber gasket...ordered a new one be here couple days...will let ya know how i go

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