YZ426 problem areas

I am going to buy a 426 this week and have decided to look at one of the 6+ 2000 model used ones in my area. All claim 10 hours, or less, riding time. What are some prblem areas to look for? I've seen rear hubs in other posts. I'd really rather find a clean, used 2000 and save about a grand.

the hub is one area...also check the clutch make sure it engages easy and doesn't grab when you take off! Also see if there is hesitation when you give it a hand full of throttle (some 426's have this problem)! And check the obvious stuff oil, filters, spokes, valve adj., tires, excessive noise, stock chain and handlebars, etc! You will for sure love your new 426! I'm loving mine! Just my 2 cents!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

If they've got less than 10 hrs, they should probably have the orginal cheese drive chain which should be just about completely stretched into spaghetti. The sprockets may not be old enough to show any wear unless the owner used the chain too long after it stretched. The muffler should still be not-barky-sounding at 10 hrs riding time, and wouldn't have been repacked yet. It should sound throaty.

Ask the guys how many times they changed the oil. That would be an indication of maintenance or how much the bike was really used. Also ask how many tanks of gas they ran through it. 10 hrs ought to be only about 5 tanks. That's pretty much a new bike still.

Straight stock bars and rads will mean the bike never went down hard. No creases in the fenders is also a good sign. No scratches at all on fenders is a bad sign as they've been replaced because the old ones got cranked real good. Check for oil in the rad/coolant. Oil = very bad.

If the carb is still stock that means less chance of a novice mechanic goofing it up. Watch for partially stripped bolts at the oil filter cover.

Check for dented-in lower frame rails = smacked on rocks real good.

Aside from the quirks, they're a great bike.

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