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Will a 160 tyre fit my TE450 05?

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Changing my TE450 2005 into a Supermoto for the road, no time to use it offroad.

I have a 17"x3.5" front & a 17"x5" rear wheel.

Will a 160 wide tyre fit on the rear rim without rubbing the chain?

Thanks in advance.

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Here's a cut & paste from another forum, so it should fit no problem.

I got the tires mounted yesterday - the bike shop wanted $90 after quoting me $40 over the phone. F'in scumbags. I ended up paying $50. But that's a different story for another day.

Ran home and mounted the wheels. I must say - they look so BADASS. I immediately noticed that I had tons of room in the rear. I went with the 150 rear because I didn't want any clearance issues or chain rub. If I was to order them again - I'd definitely go with the 160 - it would easily fit. OK - let's go for a ride.

Took it pretty easy at first realizing the new tires would be slick. I gradually increased my corner speeds on my way to my favorite abandoned parking lot. Once there I was able to start really feeling these tires out. I must say - these tires absolutely rock. Very very sticky and very predictable when backing-in. Very similiar to the Conti's. Ok - off to the MX track.

On the way home, I stopped at a local abandoned rock quarry. The local kids have done a decent job of transforming it into a very entertaining MX track. Track was mostly hard pack. The Avon's hooked up better than I could have expected under these conditions. The bike was lifting it's front wheel coming out of every corner. There's 1 corner with a very short run to a nasty double. I've done this double several times on my 426 , but the Conti's never offerred enough grip with the short run. The Avon's hooked up and soared. I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't on the 426 and to take it easy and slow down before I wiped out (front break is tooooo strong for this shit) or run out of gas.

In conclusion - I don't know what more to say - the AVON's rock. The Conti's are awesome as long as you stay on asphalt. I was after something a bit more aggressive. For the $20 more the AVON's cost - it was a no-brainer.

From the same thread many guy's said they run a 160, one claims you get better traction from a 150🤣


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