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Stupid mistake "I think"

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I am a Suzuki guy have been for years. However Honda is the only manufacture that has made what I call a step bike to get the kiddos ready for the jump to 250f. We picked up a 07' with countless mods and upgrades. Thus far the bike has been bullet proof other than some jetting woes. I was told to run the Honda HP4 and HP4M in the bike and I did for the first 3 oil changes - no problems

Last week we decided Saturday night to go racining Sunday. Needed to change the oil and started the oil change. When I got ready to put the oil back in, I found I did not have enough of the Honda oil to do the job? I had always ran Castrol 10w40 oil in my Suzukis and never had any problems (20+ years). So I thought for one race this should be fine.

First moto's (two seperate classes) the bike performed flawless, however the second moto of the first class when he took off the bike was banging on the rev limiter down the start??? I thought he was feathering the clutch, and when he came of the track I asked him, he said he was not. The last moto of the day, he took off and the bike was again on the rev limiter going down the start? He finsihed the moto and the bike seemed do be ok on the track? He finished the race and headed for the trailer. I again asked him about the start and he said somthing is wrong.

I started the bike, put it in gear and attempted to take off, the clutch was completely out and the bike was not moving. I loaded it and we took it home. I drained the oil and the oil on the clutch side was foul and burnt. I pulled the case and found the plates scorced? ***!!!!

Can using Castrol oil do this to these clutches??? I have never seen a clutch go this fast. Any impute???

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