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carbon fiber surface repair

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got some carbon fiber frame guards on my 01 cr250 that are getting worn. since they don't make them anymore i need to try and maintain them. they are made by dsp/lightspeed if this matters. what i have going is that the surface is getting worn down from rubbing against my boots. does anyone know what kind of product i can use to fill the surface and seal it to make these things last. if you could be brand specific it would be appreciated. i think some kind of epoxy or resin is what's needed. clear coating won't really do much as this is a fairly high wear area. overall looks aren't the goal here but i would prefer not making them look like total crap. i'm just afraid that the wrong product applied will melt them or make them brittle. must be able to do this in a well equipped garage and be able to purchase product in restrictive california if you know what i mean.thanx for your input.

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