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2009 Rekluse Pro install with pictures...

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I finally decied to get a Rekluse after thinking about it for quite a while. I was going to get one for my YZ250 when I bought it, but then decided to buy a 450. It only took me two rides to decide I wanted one for my 450. Anyway, I was looking around and couldn't find a good installation guide online so I thought I would take some pictures while I installed it this morning and document the process.

Tools I used:

8mm socket

10mm socket

30mm socket

Channel Lock type pliers

T20 Torx screwdriver

1/2 impact wrench


Flat screwdriver

Small torque wrench

First step is to lay the bike on its side (this is my bike's natural position). Make sure the gas is off and if you have not drained the float bowl, it will piss gas all over the garage floor and make your beautiful wife upset.


Next remove the cotter pin and cross pin for the rear brake lever so you can pull it out of the way when you need to.


The next step is to remove the clutch cover. 8mm socket and remember that there are three different lengths of bolt so make sure you remember where they go when you reinstall the cover.


Say hello to the clutch assembly.


Remove the bolts (10mm socket) and clutch springs. You will not use them in the Rekluse, but save them so you can go back to stock if you need to.


Remove the stock pressure plate. Note the pushrod/throwout assembly stuck to the plate. You WILL need this so put it aside till we need it.


Here is a close up of the throwout assembly.


Remove the clutch pack.


Part 2 is next...

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Part 2:

Bend down the locking tabs on the lock washer and remove the clutch boss nut. I used an impact gun. Came off easy.


Remove the old clutch boss. NOTE--there is a thrust washer behind the boss, and sometimes it will stick to the boss and get misplaced. You must get the washer off the boss and put it back on the shaft.


Install the Rekluse clutch boss.


Install the new lock washer and replace the clutch boss nut. Torque the nut to spec. I just zapped mine on with the impact and checked it with the torque wrench.


Fold the tabs on the new lock washer with a pair of adjustable pliers.


Start installing the clutch plates, starting with a steel drive plate from the stack of 8 that is included with the Rekluse.


Alternate steel plate and fiber plate untill you use up the 8 plates that came with the Rekluse and the 8 fiber plates that were in your clutch.


There they all are.


Part 3 is next...

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Part 3:

Install the lower Rekluse assembly into the clutch hub. Spin it until it fully drops into the hub.


Install the lock ring to hold the lower assembly in. MAKE SURE it is fully seated. You DO NOT want this to pop out.


Install the stock ball into the clutch.


Now install the throwout assembly.


Now install the Rekluse spacer and spring carrier on top of the throwout assembly.


There it is...


Now, it is time to install the springs. The springs determine the clutch engagement rpm and engagement rate. Rekluse recommends MEDIUM engagement RPM and HARD engagement rate. This is what I did and those are the needed springs.


Now, away from the bike, pour a little oil into the ball bearing slots in the pressure plate.


Part 4 is next...

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Part 4:

Install the steel balls into the pressure plate. You will be tempted to scatter these all over the floor or your bench, but don't do it.


Put the pressure plate on the clutch assembly and push it down to compress the springs so you can get it started on the clutch hub posts.


Hold down the pressure plate and install the top plate. This is much easier when you are not holding a camera.


Install two screws 180 degrees apart from each other so you can check your plate gap.


The Rekluse kit comes with two wire feeler gauges. Try to insert them 180 degrees from each other. If they slide in smoothly, you have too much gap and will need to replace one of the steel clutch plates with a thicker plate that Rekluse supplies with the kit. My bike has about 8 hours on it from new, and I could barely get the gauges in at all, which means mine is good to go.


Apply the supplied Loctite to the Torx screws and install. DO NOT forget to take out the two screws you started with and Loctite them also.


Install the new, thicker gasket that comes with the kit and reinstall the clutch cover.


That's it.


Pick you bike up and try it out. I have only putted around the neighborhood to make sure everything works, and so far so good. It may take me a while to get used to not pulling in the clutch when I come to a stop.

The install only took me about two hours, including taking the pictures and it was pretty darn easy.

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You mentioned nothing about adjusting the clutch after installation. This is the most important step.


Put bike in neutral, rev to approx 4500 rpm. Adjust clutch lever free play to 1/2 inch at the end of the lever.

Anything else?

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I'm sorry about the retarded question, but what exactly does the Rekluse clutch do? I searched a bit and from what I gather it prevents the bike from stalling when in gear. Is that all it does?

Nice writeup by the way!

Thanks for the kind words.

The Rekluse pretty much removes you from having to use the clutch at all. When you apply throttle, it slips the clutch automatically so you can worry about the trail. The anti-stall feature is great also because you can lock up the rear brake coming into a corner and pull the trigger coming out and never touch the clutch lever.

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I did not have time to do that today. Sorry if I have failed you. I will try to do it tomorrow...

Just wanted to make you did not overlook this step because it will cost you a set of friction discs from excessive slippage.

Other than that, great write up and pics.

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Excellent write-up and thank you a TON for taking time to take and post up the pics! 👍:thumbsup: I'm going to adjust the rekluse in a "new to me" bike that came with it and your pictures put me at total ease for the job ahead.

Thanks for the kind words. The adjustment process looks to be pretty simple. Have fun!

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Outstanding tutorial! I've been thinking about getting a rekluse and this great write up has definitely made me want to move forward with the purchase. Thanks for taking the time to post all the pics.

Most people that ride with a Rekluse are hooked and will not own another bike without one. They are just magical in most riding conditions.

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Most people that ride with a Rekluse are hooked and will not own another bike without one. They are just magical in most riding conditions.

That is what I am hoping for. I ride rocky desert trails and tight nasty woods so I'm hoping it will be as good for me as everyone else says it is for them.

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