2009 Rekluse Pro install with pictures...

so essentially u only need the clutch to change gears?

I have never really used the clutch to change gears on any of my dirt bikes. Just let off the throttle a little to unload the gears and shift. The Rekluse allows me to do the same thing.

That is what I am hoping for. I ride rocky desert trails and tight nasty woods so I'm hoping it will be as good for me as everyone else says it is for them.

Those are two areas where it really shines. It's one of those things that you will tell yourself why did I wait so long.

Just remember that when going down hill and you use the rear brake it will disengage and free wheel. A little scary the first couple of times, but once you learn to blip the throttle it will engage the clutch and the engine braking returns.

You can also not bump start the motor but those incidents are very rare.

Great job with the tutorial!! Thanks for spending the extra time.

You can also not bump start the motor but those incidents are very rare.

Thats why they tell you to loctite your kick starter bolt. Mine came loose the first 3 hour I did. It got blue loctite shortly after.

Most people that ride with a Rekluse are hooked and will not own another bike without one. They are just magical in most riding conditions.

I have one on my '08 and love it. I came from a mountain biking background and also installed the left hand rear brake and I'm in heaven - I have much more control of the braking and never worry about stalling.

I rode my WR a couple of weeks ago - my dad usually rides it - and it is set up normal. It still felt normal to me to ride like that but I much prefer the set up with the Rekluse.

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