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I put a deposit on an XT660R, but now I keep thinking KLR.

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I recently moved from Texas to Australia, the XT660R caught my eye because they weren't available in the US. I'm in my cooling off period (Australia dealer thing for allowing customers to changed their mind), and now I can't help to think that maybe I should just buy a KLR. I like the idea of the XT660R, it's fit and finish is awesome, but it costs more than the KLR and I can't find much information on the XTR for DIY work. The KLR of course is full of resources and know-how for repairs and maintenance. Also bear in mind cost, a new KLR in Australia is $8490, the XTR is $10,490. So what do you lot think? Save the 2-grand and just get the KLR?

I should add.. one of my concerns around the Yam is the fuel injection, every review and write up talks about annoying surging, since this will be a commuter I really have concerns around surging. I had a 2006 KTM 625SMC, it took heaps of re-jetting to get the surging out, I don't want to deal with that again.

I've not heard anything bad about the KLR's low speed manners, and usefulness as a commuter seems good due to it's sedated manners and the stock luggage rack is a nice bit.


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