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klx 250 to 450

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has any one ever thought about taking a kfx 450 e-start engine 2008 or 09 and droping it into a klx250s dualsport?? 2006 model

I would think that they are similar in size and configuration .

the main question would be mounting hardware and sproket alignment

I already have the big bore 300 on board and still need more power. POWER (laughing like a mad scientist)

my KLX is a nice bike but suffers from turd engine syndrom .

I realy need it to feel like my yz 250 2smoker wish I could plate that machine.

I could put in cams,porting a pumper carb and a loud exuast etc and get it @ 30 horse but i think it would be cheaper to stuf a good stock 60 horse mill in with a conservative carb set up

Its realy hard to believe those two engines are in the same family.

must be brothers from diferent mothers.

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Problem is that in Ga I cant plate a klx 450 seems that the ga dmv looks reel hard at the title or CoO . the bike has to be street legal from the factory.

So I gusess I could buy yanni's because once plated in another state its granfathered in. Not realy unhappy with handling or turning of the bike .just the power output.probable should just get a ktm.

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Or you could get a Bill Blue 351cc kit for the KLX250S and a pumper carb...

Just sayin'..

Ya I realy thought about that but I think that the cash out lay for the kit ,the carb, the cams ,the port work the dyno time the tunning etc would far out way the new mill . and then I still would be short compared to a 2 smoke 250 or a good 450 . both of which based on dyno reports from TT are @ 55to 60 hp I think the klx plant maxes out @ 38 ???another thing to consider is the enginering the new mill is designed to produce the power desired the klx is not . no slight to the performance upgrades but how are the modifide engines going to hold up to the abuse that I will be dishing out. I guess the same holds true for the frame and the suspension can they take the big hits and abuse of the N.E. Ga mountains over the long haul??????

the big thing is the difference when I go from my trail bike(yz 250) to my dual sport. the difference is so great the klx gets me in over my head and I dont have the power to get out. where as the yz with the flip of the wrist its over that log or rock or up that hill etc.the bikes handeling are similar so turning braking suspension are not problems. I do think that the added power might show me any shortcommings in the klx handeling

Probable should just bite the bullet and find a ktm to plate .

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