cheap kill switches

I dont know what happen (i didnt even crash) and my kill switch broke. I think i will be better of buying a older style they seem better made. But will they have the same connection or will I have to make my own connectors. Has this happened to many people or am i just a lucky one. :)

I think the tall switches poke out too much. I had to lean way over the bars climbing a steep rock section in Moab and that switch got caught on one of the slits in my chest protector and got yanked right off. I picked up the flat, old style that comes on the YZ250. The connectors are different but it's nothing an easy soldering job can't handle. Haven't had a problem with it since although I'm just waiting for the starter button to do the same thing. :)

I have always like the Honda kill switch, you know, the 3 position "off-on-off", sometimes with a stuck throttle, holding a finger on the button can be tough when your trying to hold on to the bars for dear life, while the Honda type, you just knock it either way, but a branch could do the same thing if its positioned wrong. If mine ever fails, I'm getting the Honda one.

I'd sell you the one I took off mine when I went dual sport but I discovered the kill button that came with the kit doesn't work. Bought the kit so I wouldn't have to do wiring... now what do I have to do? Wiring. <groan>

Check the dual sport area. I posted a list of places with parts... some of them had kill switches too.

I had the Grey center button on my starter come out when I fell. Had to buy the whole starter switch and plug to the tune of $30. It happened right after I made fun of my buddy kicking away at his Husky. :)

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