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HP question...

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Stock internals on a 07 with 4000miles.



JD jet kit on stock carb (160 main)

MRD/SSW open

Brisk Plug (These are dyno proven HP gains on bikes from 1.5hp on 600cc to 5hp on a ZX-14)

A guy who rides a ton of bikes rode it today and figured it has 35hp or so.

Does that sound right?

Maybe I am blinded by love, but it feels like more to me. Maybe it's the dense air today or the gearing. Maybe the Joker throttle helped the feel that much, but a swift twist of the throttle has the wheel well of the ground in first and second, even a hard roll on coming out of corners with me still pushing the front end down has it off the ground.

Help me out guys!

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