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New Piston/rings parts list?

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2005 Crf250r - all stock.

Aight... got about 40-50 hours of really easy newbie MX(i.e. slowest guy on track) and woods type riding on the beast. She's drinking a little oil. Valves are original and haven't moved. Starts on second or third kick cold...

All original motor internals. So I'd like to do a new piston. I want the most durable/reliable option available. I couldn't care less about cost or more power. It's got plenty for me!

All stock OEM parts? Are the wiseco or other aftermarket kits considered to last longer?

What 'should' I need? new piston/rings/pin/clips/head gasket/cam chain/chain guides? I've got no problem spending a little extra money while I've got this thing cracked open..

Any tips would be appreciated... Thanks.

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40-50 hrs is normal for a piston swap, and best to do it now before its to late.. some guys that are trying to save money will look into the 08/09 piston.. little higher compression without the higher price of aftermarket.. personally im a fan of JE, Wiseco, CP and Cosworth.. The aftermarket pistons are forged to tighter tolerances and handle abuse better then the stock pistons (stronger) If you have the money look into Cosworth (awesome piston but most expensive) whatever you buy remember to check the installed ring end gap, most will be a little tight and require grinding..

The aftermarket pistons come in a kit- piston, rings, wrist pin, and clips..

but you will need a base gasket, head gasket, exhaust gasket, cam chain, left case cover gasket, your guides should be fine unless they look really worn.. also look into a manual cam chain tensioner, get the crappy stock auto tensioner out of there..

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