Oil where it should not be

Ok another goofy question.

Yesterday when I pulled off my flywheel cover to adjust my valves, I noticed a tiny bit of what smelled like engine oil in the bottom of the cover. Any one else experience this or have any ideas about the normality of this condition.

My BRP is brand new with 300 miles on it. I did change the oil after the first 100 and no I did not overfill it.



I've come to the conclusion this is somewhat normal, especially on newer bikes. It's a sealed system, but the heat and pressure causes a bit of oil to ooze past the seal over time. Some bikes seem to do it more than others, but I've never seen more than a tea spoon of oil inside the few bikes I've opened, but I read somewhere that a bike could 'potentially' build up enough pressure inside the case to where it could be a serious problem. I also read about a trick mod to vent the stator case and did it to my bike even though it probably will never be an issue. What you do is buy some small teflon tube with a diameter size similar to the spray tube that comes with a can of WD40 and route that tube inside the stator wiring harness. I ran the teflon tube from inside the stator case inside the wiring harness, through the rubber wire harness grommet (I drilled a small hole throuh it), continuing through the wiring harness and had it exit the wire harness sheath underneath the seat and vent into the airbox. It's simple and inexpensive to do and I've never seen another drop of oil inside my stator case since then.


Thanks for the info, it was barely enough to get the tip of my finger wet. I will do the mod you suggested.



If you have a problem finding teflon tubing small enough, you can get it from the place below, but you can usually find it locally from an industrial hardware supply shop.


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