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XR400 - Mounting GPS

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I was just thinking about this topic today.

I've been using a Garmin GPS12XL and 60CSx for 6+ years on my XL/XRs. So far I've only used the Garmin "Bicycle" mount on the crossbar. The only modifications I made to the GPS was:

-GPS 12XL: I had to add nuts in the battery compartment as spacers to keep the batteries from bouncing and turning the unit off. The GPS would still turn off once in a while at high RPMs.

-60CSx: The newer Garmins are much better at resisting vibrations as far as the batteries are concerned. My 60CSx has foam inserts under the battery contacts to reduce intermittent contact and it uses 2 batteries instead of 4 so the weight is reduced. I still taped the batteries together per the advice of a friend who rode Mtn. Bikes. I've never had a problem with the 60 shutting down on 4 different bikes.

Now that I've switched to a 1-1/8" bar I'm going to have to switch to the RAM mount because there isn't any more room on my bars with the DS switches, Trail Tech and Damper. My dad has been using the RAM on his DRZ for a few years now and it works well, it's just a bit more bulky. He rarely rides single track though so it hasn't been an issue.

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That's how i planned to mount mine, but i was worried i'd rip it off the first time i laid her over ... since they were so cheap, i bought the 1", 2" and 3" socket bar hoping i could find the perfect position for it.. it would be nice if it could somehow position between the crossbar and the number plate.. i bit more protected there.. when i get it mounted i'll take some photos and post..

I also bought Garmin's mountain bike mount.. i planned to use that on the mount. bike, but may it will work better on the XR than the bike..


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I advise against using the Garmin handle bar mount; it is flimsy and vibration can release the latch holding the GPS in place. My 76Csx came out of the bracket three times while riding. I've since switched to the RAM mount, much more robust and more secure.

Because the 60 and 70 have 18 hour battery life I haven't hooked up to bike power.

Great GPS system!!

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