shift lever

Is it me or does anyone else have a problem with their boot slipping off the shift lever when trying to upshift in damp or muddy conditions? Is there a better aftermarket lever that gives a good grip with the boot?

I used a moose gear shifter on my old XR400 and loved it! It was a lot better than stock ...stronger and gripped better!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

I'm having the same pblm with my new 250F.

My foor keeps slipping off of the lever causing it to not shift or find false neutrals (BAD!!). I was thinking of going to a longer shift lever or use the one off of the old 400.

I was trying out a buddy’s pair of Gaerne boots and had the same problem. I guess the toe on my Tech 6 (and old Formas) is grabby enough to overcome what is now a pretty slick lever.

How ‘bout wrapping the end with grip tape (like skateboarders use)?

The earlier 400 had a different lever design? I wasn't aware of that. Maybe that would be a consideration. If the Moose works good, I'd probably go with that since moset aftermarket parts are much less expensive than stock...and in many cases, superior.

Hick: I'm using Tech 7's. They work great as long as it's dry. That skateboard tape sounds like a good idea...there's a skateboard/BMX shop near me and my twin sons are sponsored riders...maybe I can get a killer deal on that tape... :)

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