New Handlebars

Ok, I am sure this has been discussed a million times but I just bent my bars finally and I need some new ones. What brand does everyone like to use?

What is the difference between a $35 and a $100 aluminum bar? I mostly ride desert and single track.


I am also considreing new bars. I am only around 5'10" but I think the WR needs higher bars personally. As for width generally you can find the width you are comfortable doing bench presses with (measure at outside of hands)and use that as a guide. I prefer a slightly narrower bar but everyone has their preference. Cutting bars down used to be an option but with all of the perches and handgaurds I think it is better to start with a bar designed narrower and shave a little, if needed, off the ends. As for bars the more expensive ones are shot peened (I think thatis the term) to strengthen them but I honestly don't know if it really helps. I do know that aluminum fatigues more that steel so I don't skimp on aluminum bars. Any engineer types or personal experiences with inferior bars out there that can give a definitive answer on the quality?

Renthal are the most popular >> and I would GUESS that the CR high bend and CR low bend are the most popular bend...(???)

I went w/ McGrath bend Renthals (more expensive) only to realize they are wicked close to the stock WR bars.

You can puch up Renthals website and compare the actual numbers. You may also find it in Dennis Kirk or Chaparral's catalog(?)

As an FYI, Answer used to make the Alumalite bars. These were conventional width, aluminum bars. In a test of strength, ductility, etc, they were SUPERIOR to the Renthals. Now understand this was years ago. But, I recall reading that Answer re-introduced them again, but under another name (not Alumalites).

Well, I just tweaked mine a bit and instead of replacing them with aluminum ones which can bend easy again, I just ordered new Moose® brand carbon steel ones with the YZ bend for $16.99 from Dennis Kirk. Otherwise, I was looking at $70 and up.

If your thinking about oversized bars I would say go the Pro-Tapers (Henry bend). I also had a pair of Moose bars that where great as well..cheaper, but you get what you pay for.


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