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Fork Oil change questions

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I changed the oil and replaced the seals and bushings today in my forks. Was super easy with the help of a great video on youtube from rockymountainatv. The only problem I had was installing the adjuster to the damper rod, I backed the locknut up all the way and threaded the adjuster on as far as it would go, the manual gives a spec of 0.5mm to 1 mm for the gap between the locknut and the adjuster but I had about 2 mm and the adjuster was threaded on as far as it would go, both forks were the exact same so I just made sure the adjusters were bottomed out and then tightened down the locknuts. I realize that not having the adjuster on far enough would efect how the rebound is adjusted cause when you turn the clicker it may not even be touching the push rod but since I made sure each adjuster was bottomed out I should be fine right?

I eneded up using torco RFF 5w sysnthetic oil, I hope it works as good as what was in there, I realy liked the way my forks felt before. Is the oil that comes in these stock a dark red? Just wondering if I still had the original oil in or if a previous owner had changed it.

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