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Engine rebuild, now intermittent spark, no start

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Just finished buttoning up my 2006 YFZ rebuild and having electrical issues.

Went to start it for the first time and no start, no popping, no nothing. Checked the coil and spark and it is intermittent. The plug will spark at random times, it seemed to spark more often right when the start button was let go, but sometimes it also sparked when holding the button down for a little while. It was pretty random. Jiggling the wires did not seem to make it more/less random spark.

Most of the connectors were dielectric greased prior to the engine rebuild, I can't remember if it ran after I did the dielectric grease or not. I did not have this issue before the engine rebuild. Battery was fresh off of a charge when trying to start tonight. Originally had two connectors incorrectly plugged in, but I saw that and plugged them in correctly. Could that have caused this current problem?

Any ideas?

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