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Odd engine idling and running...

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I think my bike has a problem but I am not sure what exactly it is. When i'm riding, whether just smooth or getting on the throttle there are "bleeps" in the exhaust sound. Not a crackling or popping, almost like every few seconds it just cuts out for an instant. The power is pretty consistent but you can feel it a little bit.

The only way I can explain how it sounds is like "baaaaaaaa ba ba baaaaaaaaaa ba baaaa ba ba baaaaaa" lol, kinda like that i guess. just its running really consitant, perfectly even spaced then you get like an instantaneous pause or 2 every couple of seconds. No extra noise or anything, just a really quick pause.

I'm wondering if maybe I need to clean the carb or something. The engine just had a complete rebuild (new cylinder head, valves, piston, cylinder, and bottom end) but it was doing this before the rebuild too

Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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