Leak jet question

06' WR450 with free mods and stock exhaust.

Well I decided to get a little wrenching done on my bike which I bought used June 09'. I have been experiencing some starting problems with the bike so decided to take the carburetor apart and check all of the jets for debris. Found a little bit here and there but cleaned everything up and also INSTALLED an R&D Flex-Jet for some extra tune-ability. Bike started up after 3 kicks and idled fine, but when I would crack the throttle open I would get some bog which would clear with higher RPM. I never experienced this when it was running correctly. Do I just need to purchase a different leak jet? I would have thought that it would have ran pretty close to my original settings, but I could change with elevation.

When you say you cracked the throttle, was it wacked open or opened slowly. The reason I ask is that I switched to the #40 leak jet and at the same time went from a 45 to a 48 pilot jet and where the bike used to have the slightest hesitation just above idle, it completely dissappeared. Now I will say that if I sit in the garage and just wack the throttle, I can still get it to briefly bog, but no way I can duplicate that while the bike is in gear and I'm riding. I suppose it is possible that your leak jet got restricted a little by junk in the carb, but not sure. I have heard that some people have soldered theirs up completely as well and had the bike run well. That would be the equivalent of a completely clogged jet, correct?

mine does that only when cold....after warm up, no problem...

When I opened the throttle, I flicked my wrist quickly (like when you see guys at the starting gate listening to their bikes) I think I understand what you are saying about the pilot jet being clogged and now that it is clean its throwing way more fuel in than needed. Ive got all my jetting numbers written down, but they are at my buddies house. Going to try and retrieve them today and see if I can tune the carb a little better. I really need to just take it out to the forest and tune it there, but no luck this weekend. Thanks guys. :thumbsup:

From a dead idle if you wack the throttle open it will bog they all do mine will do it if i do that and i keep my bike running well at least try to .

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