Mikes Sky Ranch/San Felipe/BajaTrip April 14-21

Anyone interested in going to San Felipe the week of April, 14th-21st. We will be staying in San Felipe at my in laws. I would like to ride to Mikes Sky Ranch to get some swag. If You are from so. cal and happen to know the area and can make it any days please e-mail me at hdyamaha@aol.com. Bring your camping gear and a full tank of gas and lets rip.Of course all my nor. cal brothers are also welcome the more the merrier. I will be driving to Venice Friday the 14th and leaving there for San Felipe the 15th.

Baja Bound,HUGE


You kill me - 8 days notice for a week long trip..... I won't be able to make it but I'll forward this to some friends in SoCal that know that area like the back of their hand. They might be interested.


Howard, I just got back from there 2 weeks ago for the 250 race (#255x in the Sportsman class).It was beautiful out there!We got lost while trying to find Mike's and almost ran out of gas in the middle of El Diablo.I ran 105 miles w/ a 3.2 gallon tank on my WR.

Have fun.


Right on the san felipe 250 must have been a kick. I hope i can negotiate the trail from san felipe to mikes sky ranch(without getting lost)Compass and map time...

come on guys how about it.huge

We had trouble at finding the El Diablo road.Had to go through several gates to get to it.Once you get on the dry lakebed, you should be able to get to the highway.Check out the "store" out in the middle of the dry lake.He didn't have any more petrol, but he did have COLD BEER!


Easter week and no one from so cal goin to baja hmmm... did i mention i am not a squid well at least when it comes to dirt bikes...this should open up the floodgates :)

hey silicon mike i'm bringing both bikes the 426 and the 400 so come on down and ride on me oops, i mean ride for free :D

Bring the kids if you got em and we'll have a easter egg hunt on the beach...not to mention diggin for clams.


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