Any 2010 450's set up for woods riding?

I love that new bike but I'm a woods rider. I have been looking for a review or someone that has set up the bike for the woods. Anyone out there done this yet. I have looked for some posts but didn't see any.

I want to know how good it is converted. A picture is always nice too.:thumbsup:

There's a "woods" EFI map listed in the sticky.

I tried to set one up for the owner of the shop I work at and it turned out pretty well.We really couldnt get any of the main parts like big tanks but we put some Cycra handguards,a steering damper,and a lightspeed c/f skidplate on it, along with a bunch of other little things.The owner then went out and won the 30+A class at River Ranch GNCC.Said the bikes awesome in the woods.We tried the woods map but ended up going back to the stock map.

The main problem is that we had to stop every other lap for gas.The tank is real small and its hard to tell how much gas is in it.

You know it's only a matter of time before they come out with a bigger tank. Did you do any suspension work?

Yea but it wasnt really for the woods.It had PC A kit on it set up for moto.We just backed the compression off a couple clicks.With that being said the stock forks probably would have worked better because they have more flex.

What were the factory guys using for bikes? YZ or WR there?

They were on 09s.Some had YZs and some had WRs.

The truth is that the factory bikes are neither YZ's or WR's. They start with one or the other, but WR's get YZ engine stuff and better suspension, while the YZ's typically get WR gearboxes and electricals.

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