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98' 300EXC Fork Rebuild

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There was a "sort-of" rebuild kit available from KTM for the 50mm Extremes at one time. It's called "R904".

The kit isn't what I'd call totally complete, but does come with some stuff: It has both bushings, dust seals, oil seals, copper washers for the allen bolt on the bottom of each fork leg that holds the bottom of the cartridge, the "piston-ring/seals" that go on the upper end of the cartridge, new snap rings that hold the oil seals in (and basically hold the upper/lower fork sections toghether), backing washers that go under the new oil seals, and the little rubber washers that go under the fork caps (kinda look like a garden hose washer....). Mine did both fork legs. 👍

I would've liked to have the bushings that the cartridge shaft slides through, and maybe a couple of the o-rings for the fork caps, but it doesn't come with those. For the price, I felt it should've come with suspension oil, and maybe a technician to install it, hee hee...... 🙂 Seriously, the cost was fairly high for this kit from KTM. If you can get a price on it, it may pay to go to MX-Tech's webiste, or Race Tech's website, and see how much bushings, dust & oil seals and stuff cost that way.....🤣 May be cheaper, and it might not. I guess it also depends on what you feel you wanna replace.....

Hope this helped some,


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