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Difference in 02 and later yz250?

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I have been thinking about buying a yz250 for the woods. I wanted as late of a model as I could afford but I don't see many around here.

Well I found a bike that has it all... Recluse clutch, gnarly, new top end, The works, but it's an 02.

So, were there any real changes after 02. does the motor pull as good down low or as smooth as the later years? handling Good?

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From what I've seen, 2002 and up are pretty much the same, motor-wise.

Same intake, maybe a different pipe from the later bikes...

The swingarm changed in '05/'06, and of course the SSS forks arrived in 2006.

The '02 you're looking at sounds pretty dialed-in. If the price is right, it could work out well for you...

Good luck!

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To the post above, I will add the aluminum frame that came in 05 and that was about 5 or 6 pounds lighter than the steel frame.

The 02 is still a great bike though, I used to have one. It's my third favorite bike of all time, right behind my 06 and 03 YZ250s.

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For woods use, I think that the 02 is awesome. I've got both an 02 and 06 and although the 06 may be a tad bit lighter, I think that the suspension/frame are a bit more forgiving for off-road use on the 02.

The 02 is a good bike. If it's what you want I wouldn't pass it up.

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Sounds like a good deal. recent mods are...

Top end

Wave rotors front and rear

Rekluse clutch

o-ring chain and sprokets

Both tires



FMF gnarly and silencer

JM suspension revalve with titanium rear spring

Brake pads

10oz flywheel all wheel bearings

stearing stem bearings

He says it's $2,200 in mods and wants $2,000. for it.

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In back to back comparisons with stock motors on the 02 and 07 I used to ride. I felt the 02 transmitted less through the frame and into my legs than the alum framed one did. But the 07 had less energy going into my hands with the rubber mounted bars. The 07 felt maybe a little more aggressive powerwise but it may have been because it might of had a fresher motor. Suspensions wise the 02 was actually set up for me and the 07 was stock. The 02 suspension can be made to work as good as the SSS stuff if you send it down to DaveJ. He works magic on the open bath forks. I felt the 02 had a lower tendency to wash the front wheel out. IDK if its from the suspension being dialed for me or just how they are but that is something I noticed.

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