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I decided to stop frame and clutch cover wear

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I got thinking last night and couldnt sleep so i started thinking about the rub marks on the frame and clutch cover where my boots rub , then i remembered that i had a roll of sticky back grip tape that you use on boat and other trailers so your feet dont slip , it is 4" wide and was about 15' long , so i cut it in about 14" lengths , and stuck it on , then trimmed it with a utility knife(razor blade) , i figure this should stop the maintainance of re-painting or re-polishing the frame and my clutch cover , this is what it turned out like !







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I figure it can't be any more abrasive than Rhino Lining or Bed Coating , so i will see , its pretty thick so i dont think it will wear out too quick , but i see what your saying about wearing my boots and pants , i will find out next time i am able to go ride , hopefully it will be in another week or 2 if the Dr's let me try it again , been kinda weak lately and cant ride , a few days ago i got diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome , caused from Fibromialgia and Rheumatiod Arthritis , so i just have not hardly had the energy and have been too sore to ride the last 2 months , it was Feb 14th when i rode last , and i barely made it back to my truck , right now doing much of anything for more than a few minutes at a time wears me out to where i have to go lay down and rest , really put a damper on riding !!

anyway , hopefully i will be able to ride soon and test this out , maybe next month if all goes well !

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