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pit bike trans

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i have a crf 50 with a 107 kit. somebody was riding it and screwed up the tranny, it will shift into first but doesnt want to go into second unless you really force it and i can hardly ever get it into third. anybody have any ideas of what is wrong. i was looking at new 4 speeds on ebay and found this on what do you think of this gear ratio

1st 3.273 to 1

2nd 1.938 to 1

3rd 1.350 to 1

4th 1.043 to 1

does anybody know of any other trans kits for fairly cheap.

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I'm pretty sure the 4 speed tranny on ebay is the same one Dratv sells, I use the one from dratv (actually got it off dratv's ebay auction)

I LOVE my 4 speed, helped my bike so much. Makes my bike so much faster then bikes with the same big bore kit as me but a 3 speed..

I've had it about 3 years and abuse it, banging gears, dumping it into gear at high rpm.. I ride it hard!

Have you tried adjusting your clutch to see if that is your issue? When you replace the tranny the entire motor has to come apart, complete tear down

edit: Also I run a stage 3 88 kit with a 20mm carb and mildly ported race head, inner rotor kit, 4 speed dratv tranny, HD clutch, and stock gearing.... It's sweet in the dirt, pulls hard every gear, and since it has a 4th gear I still have great top speed.

the stock 1st to 2nd is a huge jump, it's too big of a gap.. With my new tranny, every gear pulls hard, and when you shift, it just keeps pulling hard in the next gear. I can't wait tell I upgrade to a 117cc stroker, manual clutch, and bigger carb... It's going to be ridiculous!

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