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Suzuki Suzuki '06 King Quad [Owner's Please Read]

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Hey all

I'm not sure if this has been discuses before or not but I thought it warranted a re-post if it was. I bought a 06 King 700 FI used last year and thought everything was OK.

After getting it home and running around a bit, I started to notice that it was smoking a bit. I wasn't happy but that's what happens some times buying used, buyer beware:thumbsdn:. Knowing there was a problem with it, I went hunting for a week up in northern BC in Nov and that's when the real problems started. I had brought lots of oil with me as I knew that it was burning it and was adding it as needed but during the week it was getting harder to start (-15C) and then on the last day of the hunt, it stopped running all together🤣

After getting it home and took it to my mechanic, I come to find out that the wrist pin is seized, the rings are shot and the cylinder is scored and the crank my be too. He explains to me that he thinks the problem was there before I bought it as he has seen this before on the 06's. For some reason Suzuki in all there wisdom used a paper air filter, not the foam/oil type that most use 👍 My fault to not checking it but even if I did, the damage was already done by that piont.

I'm not trying to start a panic here but if you have one you might want to change it over to a form type like I have now and save your self a head ache and about $2000, which is what it cost me to repair.

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