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fouling plug...***?

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been fouling plugs lately and i almost give up on the damn thing.

the carb was cleaned, the top end compression is good, the crank seals are brand new.

it seems to run fine when its fully warmed up, but after i start it when its cold...when i take the choke off and blip the throttle, every couple rides it just dies.

also when i warm it up, and floor it for the first time, it struggles and fouls sometimes.

ive noticed that my bike doesn't sound normal even when idling. it sounds like it surges over and over.

when i turn the idle up, if i rev it, it takes forever to come back down in the rpm's.

anyone have any idea whats wrong here.

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after talking to a mechanic, he told me to bring in the carb, but he said it actually sounds like i might be leaning out the air screw TOO much. i def kept leaning it out...but hats cause i was fouling plugs....

does this sound right guys?

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That's actually for a 4 stroke carb but the principle is the same on a 2 stroke only backwards.

What you describe is a little odd. It's cold fouling which is normally a sign of a rich pilot jet but you have a hanging idle which indicates a lean pilot.

What bike?

What is the current jetting?

What mods do you have?

Answer these and someone will be able to point you in the right direction.

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well i changed my air screw, and made it only about 1 turn out, and the bike def idles a lot better. not going up an down as much, and actually a pretty steady idle.

i let it warm up 100%, then took it for a ride, floored it in 1st and no stutter at all.

she actually runs way better now ­čĹŹ

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As has been said, likely jetting problem. But go with me here for a minute......

It's a stretch but I've seen it before.

Tell me about your filter cleaning oiling habits. Frequency, what oil, how much and how applied.

Ride safe.

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