ims 3.2 tank

i have a 98 yz400f do any of you guys run a ims 3.2 tank is it alot wider than stock

i am thinking of puchasing one. any other brands to look into thanks guys

Clarke, IMS, Ty Davis, Acerbis, try

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I have the IMS tank, ran it on my 98 alot. It's a little wider and alot taller than stock but works good for off-road, take it off if you want to moto. Watch the fuel line, it has to run across the motor, the rubber seal/splash thing in the cap falls out and the tank is alot closer to the radiators so it may overheat at very slow speeds due to less airflow.

I have the IMS 3.3 on my 98 and I love it. It doesn't get in the way and I am very happy with the fit and finish. It is also clear, which helps determine my fuel needs quickly.

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