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98 cr125 transmision swap??

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Hey people, my 98 CR125 recently went pop and she is nearly ready to go back together apart from that she used to pop out of gear in second to third and third to fourth when pinned. I have been told that rounded end of gear dogs can cause this and i had a really good look 2day and found that there is quite a few gears with some severe and some not so severe wear. I have called main dealere Honda on prices for these gears and its just not financialy viable to replace all these gears on such an old bike. On the gears that looked severely worn were not actually the ones that were popping out of gear and im really not sure what to do. I have already had the barrell resleeved, powervavle cleaned, every single bearing has been replaced apart from 1 i couldnt get from honda in the clutch lifter arm, new clutch, basket, con rod, seals and i have spent over £600 so far. I really dont know what i can do about this apart from replace the gears. I have seen a 2003 Cr 125 transmission for sale but im sure its not the same. Will this fit in mine and work the same if the whole transmission is replaced or could i take gears off the transmission for mine if they are same toothing etc. Plz shed some light on this people i am stuck in a rut here...... also how about a 97 gearbox, think it has 6 gears would i need to change gear selector drum etc???👍

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