Wiseco Piston Kit

I have my whole top end tore apart due for piston and ring change. I wanted to get a wiseco piston kit that raises the compression. Is there any mods i have to do before i upgrade my compression ratio?

Higher CR will need good fuel, so not sure what your using but that's something to look at... Not sure what you have available in your service stations

Depends on your altitude tempurature and compression ratio. 13.1 is probley safe on pump gas 13.5 1 may need higher octane. Maybe not.

i just put the 13.5 1 kit in. only thing i did was new air and oil filter, oil and coolant. Also changed the oil and oil filter after the first break in ride.

i believe theres a station around my house with 101octane, but ive only heard that... i ride in the high desert mainly maybe 5k alt?

Ordinary pump premium is normally fine.

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