Companies supporting the Environmentalists

Here's a list I found in the Conservation Alliance and Leave No Trace websites. This is just a sample of the companies that are working against our sport. This doesn't tell you about companies like REI who contribute to the Sierra Club and are even listed as Benefactors on the Sierra Clubs website.

Conservation Alliance Members

as of June 2002

American Alpine Institute Ltd.

American Sports Group, Inc.

Atlas Snow-Shoe

Backpacker Magazine

Backpacker's Pantry, Inc.

Belinda Sanda Sales

Bernzott Capital Advisors

Blue Magazine

Campmor, Inc.


Chaco Sandals

Climbing Magazine

Columbia Sportswear Co.

Eagle Creek Travel Gear

Eastern Mountain Sports


Fendler Communications

Flamand Sports

Flannel Design

Frontier Group, Inc.

Galyan's Trading Company

The Gerry Group


Grabber Performance Group

Grand Union Trading Co., Ltd.

Granite Gear

Gregory Mountain Products

Hooked on the Outdoors

Kelty Pack, Inc.

Kennan Ward Photography

Kirwin Communications


Lotus Designs, Inc.

Lowe Alpine Systems

LowePro USA

Malden Mills Industries, Inc.


Merrell Footwear

Milliken & Co.


Mountain Equipment

Mountain Hardwear, Inc.


National Geographic Adventure

New Leaf Paper

Nike ACG

Outdoor Retailer

Paddler Magazine


Pearl Izumi

Perception, Inc.

Portland Woolen Mills

Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)

Rennie Publications, Inc.

Ridgeway Productions

Riverside Design

RLX Polo Sport

Royal Robbins

7 Summits Sports

Sierra Designs

Sorensen's Resort

Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association


The North Face

The Timberland Company

Thor-Lo Sock Company

Vasque Division


W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.



Leave No Trace

The following companies and organizations are putting their dollars, resources, and ingenuity into the Leave No Trace program. These committed companies believe that education is the only way to preserve America's diminishing recreational wildlands.

Subaru of America

Special Project Partners

Clif Bar


Grand Teton Lodge Company

L.L. Bean



The North Face

Pricipal Partners

All Terrain Company

American Backcountry

American Alpine Institute

Backpacker Magazine

Backpacker's Pantry




C.A.M.P.U.S. Development Group

Chaco Sandals

Cheley Colorado Camps

Clif Bar

Cloudveil Mountain Works

Colorado Organics

Crazy Creek Products

Crescent Moon Snowshoes


Falcon Guides


Glacier Park, Inc.


Grabber Performance Group

GSI Outdoors

High Gear U.S.A.

Hi-Tec Sports

Hilleberg the Tentmaker



L.L. Bean


McClain Marketing Group


Moondance Adventures

Nalge Nunc International

National Geographic Maps

NEOS Overshoes

Nick N Willy's


Octagon Marketing

Osprey Packs

Peregrine Outfitters

Phillips Environmental Products

Pino's Printing


Rainier Mountaineering, Inc.


Restop Products


Sedona EcoFest

Seychelle Water Filtration Products



Snowbird Mountain Lodge

Speer Hammocks

Sports Illustrated


Stanwood & Partners

Subaru of America

The Coleman Company

The Mountaineers Books

The North Face

Tierra Dentro

WPC Brands

Walt Disney Company


Yakima U.S.A.

Introductory Partners

Backpacker's Cache/Garcia Machine

Last Chance Sportswear

Latitude 40, Inc.





In the past, I've purchased quite a few products from these companies. Now that I know they donate to groups who shut down our trails, I try to buy elsewhere.

Great job VMAX.....Thankyou. I am big believer in supporting the companies and organizations that believe in my family and our way of life. This list will give you something to think about next time the wife and I go shopping. :)

Rat Bastages :D

Ive not heard of this "No Trace" group. I would like to know more about them. Do you have a web site? Know thy enemy!

Would be kinda kewl to see a list of those friendly to "our" cause! :):D

Their web site is


Would be kinda kewl to see a list of those friendly to "our" cause! :):D

Here is a list of companies that support our sport . I know the list is much bigger now but I do not have a updated version. Looks like I will be buying some vented Troy Lee Gear soon. list a link to the Blue Ribbion Coalition on their site so they are involved for us to. BRC's website is

These are just a few groups I found that listed their supporters in a quick search yesterday. The reason I started being more aware of this is that my dad went to REI after finding out they heavily supported the Sierra Club. While he was there, he asked to talk to the manager and asked him why they would sell you a mountain bike on Sunday and donate on Monday to a group that closes trails. The guy got pissed and told my dad that their policies are clearly posted. My dad asked him where in the store the information was and the guy asked him to leave.

It's tough because most of these companies don't display information like this in their stores and only through research are you going to find out which groups they donate funds.

I really, really believe that TT needs this information posted somewhere on the site for all of us to utilize. If you absolutely have to buy something from these groups because it's the only place you can get it, buy it on sale so you minimize their profit and ultimately limit their donating power. :)

I kind of find it hard that Subaru would be against a sport they endorse such as Rally and other off road like pikes peak and baja. Maybe I am wrong. But this is good info :)

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