426 Frame guards

Can someone set the record straight - will frame guards for 450s fit a 426?

I've seen Works Connection guards list different part numbers for the 426 and 450, but UFO lists the same. Perhaps this is due to different shape/fitment between the brands?

I've got a Pro Moto Billet kickstand - do those interfere with frame guard mounting?

I just powdercoated my frame and the painted frame was bare on the sides. I'm trying to prevent that.

i have the WC guards on my 05 and the trailtech kickstand uses the chain roller bolt and also the subframe bolt. The spacer they provided with the stand did not fit in the hole the guards had for the subframe bolt so i had to grind that down to fit. Not sure if its the same as yours but just a heads up

This kickstand uses the chain roller bolt and subframe bolt as well so I can expect to do a little modification.

How about the 426/450 being the same or different part numbers?

How's the coverage with the WC guards versus the UFO?

I have works on my 426 with a Pro Moto kick stand. Had to grind a little on the frame gurard by the kickstand.

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