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in depth 08 top end rebuild ???'s

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i put a new piston in my 08 sxf 250 and now i am second guessing wether i got the whole cam to crank orientation right

if i have the piston at what appears to be tdc where should the cams both be (i.e. where do the lines on the gears line up?)

where do i find an indication of where tdc ignition is?

and are there any indicators as to if i do/dont have it togetger right so i dont start it and blow my brand new motor out the bottom of the crank case

i intended on buying a manual but got broke

so your help is much appreciated

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The piston is at TDC if you use the locking bolt for the crank and it engages. The lines on the cam sprockets should line up with the line between the 2 camshaft bearing bridges. Don't worry about ignition, it fires every revolution intake or exhaust, so if you are at TDC on the piston, you are OK.

Where in IL are you? There are several folks around Troy and Belleville with mucho experience that could help you.

Good Luck,


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