Dunlop's 4-stroke specific tires?

I am wondering about the D739FA-J front tire and the D739G rear tire. These tires seem to be more expensive. Has anyone tried them? If so, are they worth the extra money?

Just about everyone with a 2001 YZ426 has, since these are the stock tires. I like the tires on hardpack but if conditions vary, I go with the 756.

Yes, these tires have stiffer sidewalls to compensate for the heavier 4-strokes. They come stock on the 426's. I didn't like them for use here in southern Louisiana. I switched to the 756's and am in Heaven. The 739's work fine in hard pack.

Thanks for the info. I have the 2000, so I didn't get to try these out stock. Sounds like I will stick with the 756 myself.

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