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Plastic blocks on Con rod

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http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30596577&l=1ed9efb297&id=1292435571 I tore down a 1990 YZ 125 and on the crank is these yellow plastic blocks. They look like they are burnt and have melted. The lower con rod bearing looks worn out and has allowed the con rod to rub against them. I can not find thses plastic blocks in a parts break down. Can I buy them some where? http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30596577&l=1ed9efb297&id=1292435571 Edited by cgsandflea
trying to get pics to work
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Its cheaper to get your old crank fixed then a new one.

Original equipment stock Yamaha parts:

New rod: $55

Crank pin: 18

Bearing: 36

Thrust washers: 29

Shipping: 10

Approximate parts cost: $148

Shipping to crank repair: 15

Crank repair: 79

Shipping from crank repair: 15

Total rebuilt crank: $257

New stock Yamaha OEM crank: 5UP-11400-10-00 $281 at Yamaha Parts Depot. Wiseco and Hot Rods complete crank kits are significantly less.

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An aftermarket Crank doesn't use OEM parts either....

He actually says: "Prices START at $50, e-mail for more info.."

That is true, exactly what his site says. If you email him I can already tell you what he's gonna say what Labor for a YZ crank cost.... $50, I got a receipt for it filed away somewhere.

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so what is he going to do to rebuild the crank, just put new bearings in it. If that all, couldn't I just get an Ebayed crank and rebuild it myself, or is he doing some kind of machining and performing magic on it, right

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Crank stuffers- purchased two seperate Yz125s where they were melted- one because sand toasted the bottom end, and the other the main bearing was at the end of its life-

Replaced both cranks with Wiseco Crank Kits, and am very happy:banana:

Purchased both Wiseco Cranks locally in Waterford Michigan at Magic Motorsports- they matched the ebay prices:thumbsup:

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