Decisions, Decisions...

Okay guys, I need some objective advice. I've been riding since I was a kid but I've been on the pavement for about the last 20 years. I just bought my wife a TTR 225 to teach her how to ride and my kid is about to outgrow his PW80. In the process of teaching my wife to ride I discovered how much fun playing in the dirt can be and I've decided to ante up and buy me a new toy. I've been looking at the WR450's and I also found a dealer willing to part with a holdover WR426. From what I've read I would probably be happy with either but I wondering if maybe this is too much bike for me. I'm 6'0", 200 lbs. so I'm not too worried about the weight. I'll be spending most of my time on trails and maybe one day trying my hand at an enduro or two. Can you help a newbie out?

I went from an XR650L to a WR426F. I am 6'1", 235 lbs.. Once it is uncorked and jetted right a WR426 is a great bike, very fast. I just bought mine a few weeks ago and I love it. My son rides an XR100 that he is almost grown out of. If it matters to you the 2002 WR426F is a green sticker, while the WR450F is a red sticker in California. The bike is easy to start. If you buy a one year old (used) WR426F, you can save lot of money. For how I ride, I cannot see needing more power. I had the electric start in my XR650L and I really do not miss it that much. My XR650L had all the mods on it and the WR426F accelerates much harder. In your case, it all depends on the difference in price and how much you want the electric start. Anyway, my son starts mine for me all the time. He loves to kick that 426.

PS. Don't worry about too much power. Since you are buying new, the bike is choked up and setup with a throttle stop at half throttle. You will hate it and think the bike is a TTR. Since you are just getting back into it, you could leave it like that for a while (sort of a crime) and uncork it as you get more comfortable.

Thanks, you made some good points. I'm really psyched about dirt riding now that my son is old enough to ride a little more seriously. I'm leaning toward the 426 since I can get it new for less than 5k.

you wont be dissapointed by the 426, i love mine :) i made the same decision as your looking at, got a new 426 last month for 1500 euro's less than a 450 would cost. the electric foot wasnt worth the extra cash to me. :D

I bought the '02 426 yesterday. I just couldn't stomach paying $1500 for electric start. Now I'm just counting the hours down to the weekend so we can hit the woods. :)

Great decision! Have fun on that ya get to start readin about what mods to make.... :D:)

:) mine was a euro model so no throtle stop to cut or exhaust insert to remove. I didnt even take the airbox baffle thingie out at first, but I'm glad i did, the bike ran much better with the standard jetting without it. Even though the bike runs very well as standard, after a couple of weeks (got used to the power i guess) I sort of realised that theres a much better bike waiting to be let loose, so am about to put an open pipe on, take the whole airbox lid off and start on the road to jetting heaven :D got a standard yz needle jet on order cos some seem to think its better some say its not, only 1 real way to find out (i've read the jetting q's thread over and over and get more confused each time I think!) anyway, good luck at the weekend, keep the rubber side down :D

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