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Battle of the 125's, 140 and a 150

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So everyone. I have been looking into a new (And by that, I mean used) bike.

I'm a four stroke man myself, and a wood thumper since birth.

My sister has DR-Z 125 that is like the perfect bike for me, except one thing. I can't kickstart (see sig.) So I either have to hop off and kick with the other leg from a better angle, or have my dad roll up next to me and kick it for me (thankfully he has long legs so he doesn't have to get off his bike.) So I really need a magic button. And my sister has loss interest in the sport, so i will most likely be riding her bike if I have built up some muscle mass in the knees to kick this season. So I love the DR-Z 125L/KLX 125L's from personal experiences.

Now, I haven't been a Big Blue guy (had some bad experiences with some A-hole Pro riders at a few Supercross events I've been to) So I try to avoid Yamaha's, but it might be my only option. But I'm wanting to get a big bore kit for my bike. Since the Docs told me that i am about done growing. And so I want to get the most bang for my buck. Now, Engines Only has a 190cc kit for the DRZ/KLX 125. But only a 150cc for the TT-R. And as people have said on TT, it doesn't do much for the TT-R. So i don't really want to go with a TT-R, But the magic button comes into play again, as does the price.

But, we do have the big bikes, sort of. The KLX 140L is a great bike. I rode a guys when i was considering the bike, and it was cool. But it didn't have that much a grunt difference from that of it's little 125 brother. And it's new and a bit expensive. But again, magic button factor. Engines only also makes a 170 big bore kit the puppy. But if i was going to go with a 140, I would be basically spent on cash. Unless I found a screamin' deal on one. So no big bore.

Then finally we come to the big bad CRF 150. Now, I've never had any sort of experience with one. Heck, i haven't even considered it untill recently, so I never cared. It's a bit bigger (and heavier) than a KLX 140 so I'm a bit reluctant with that. As I'm almost flat foot on my DR-Z. But the height might be solved with the usual stuff. The weight may be another story. I'm not the strongest kid on the block, and definitely not the best balanced. So I'm not too sure in the department. I think the CRF would be a last resort.

So. To sum it up....

DR-Z 125L- Great bike, cheap, get's me almost anywhereand has a screamin' big bore kit. The only problem is no electric start.

TT-R 125LE- Magic Button, it fits me, and it's cheap. But it's a Yammer, and doesn't have a good big bore kit.

KLX 140L- Love the disc brakes and the Magic Button, 'bout the same power as the 125 in my opinion. And has a bit of a heafty price tag for my budget. So no big bore in it's future.

CRF 150- It's got the Honda name (I have a yellow heart and red blood) It's got loads of power, most likely cheap (haven't checked into it) And i believe the new ones have the knee saver. But it's big heavy, and tall.

So. I need your guy's opinion on the bikes. And, better yet if there's a cheap easy way to rig an electric start for a DR-Z.

Hopefully you read all the post, and thanks in advance,


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ttr's can be had for less money. They have more aftermarket, which they need, you need a frame cradle to ride them hard. Which increases the price by 200 bucks!They're also smaller (cramped).

crf's need to be purchased 06 and newer to have electric start. They have a large aftermarket and are as heavy as a 250f.

klx's is a bike in between the first two. It is more comfortable for me than the ttr but, not as big as the crf. It's a good thing it comes with that cool rear disk because you can't find much aftermarket.

All these bikes can be had within a couple hundred bucks of each other. I paid the same price for my yammi and kawi used. I could have had a crf too, but I didn't feel like lifting it in the truck!🤣

Honda has the best quality, then yammi. They're all slow and heavy with weak suspension. I would buy a 2T kx or ktm 100/85 if you want some easy kickin good times.👍 As for the others, buy the best deal and sell if you don't like it!

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I've been doing some digging. And i'll need to go kick some tires at my local dealer and flip my leg over, see what feels good. But i'm leaning towards the CRF, then KLX, then the TT-R.

I don't know! Grahhh!!! this is the first time i've been pissed off while shopping for a bike. I wish all bikes came with electric start. That would make life easier.

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Holy cow! That is the perfect article! I think I'm leaning towards a CRF 150 or a TT-R 125. If I can pick a new CRF up for relatively cheap. I'm going to the dealer to kick some tires after school today. Then we'll see what my dad says when he gets home from a buisiness meeting on Saturday. Thanks for the for the article.

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If i were you i would go for the 150(i had one and loved it)

Its an alright bike stock, but with the all the aftermarket parts you can get for it i think its the best buy.

I had the handlebars raised 3 inches on my 150f OH MY GOD what a difference in handling characteristics and thats all i ever did to the bike.

(i am very baised towards honda)

but the klx has rear disc brakes wich make me jealeous whenever i see them

just my opinion

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I flipped my leg over a CRF 150R Today at the dealer and it was okay. Granted it was a bit tall, but that could be fixed with a new triangle linkage, a Kouba lowering link and a shave of the seat. But the problem is, is they're so blasted expensive compaired to the TT-R 125LE, which I could pick up for $1500 at the dealer and it had an FMF pipe and new bars. Compaired to a 150 for $1900. And to get a 150 for that, would require driving down to Utah, 4 hours away. Which I am not a fan of. So, at this point, I have given up the searching and have decided to get a TT-R 125LE unless someone can find some compelling reason to shake me.

Don't get me wrong, Honda's are great bikes, I had a XR 100 two bikes back, but the Yammy is cheap, well reviewed for the most part, and fits me. Maybe in a couple years, when the CRF 150's are plentiful and cheap, I'll do it, but this is stressing me worse than girls. Of course, right now, I care more about having a good dirt bike for my needs than girls, I have all the time in the world for girls, But dirt bike season is comin' fast.

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Was the 230 a replacemment for it. Kinda like the XR 200 to CRF 230 thing?

So do you guys think that $1600 for an 06 TT-R 125 with a FMF silencer and some aftermarket bars would be a good deal.

I looked on KBB.com and it average retailed at about $1000, but NADA retailed at $1600.

And our dealer always jacks there used stuff way up because they're one of the biggest dealers in the state. (and the 2nd biggest Polaris dealer in America) so they think they're hot stuff. Should i start at 1600 and see if I can talk them down or go lower for a starting price?

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I have owned the TR125LE, the CRF 150R, and currently have an 08 KLX140 LE. Never had a CRF 150 F, as it was too heavy, and though it is a 150 cc, it does not have very good power. The TTR125LE was an excellent bike, but they all have too small pilot jets, and they need updated. With a simple airbox mod, and a couple of jets, and a sprocket, that bike had some pretty good torque. I think the KLX 140L is a great bike. It is very quiet, starts easily, thanks to a Keihin carb... my fav..., has front and rear disc brakes like a more expensive bike such as the CRF 150R, and has good power in spite of all that.

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So, after research, i've desided that my future shopping list will be:

Bigger Jets

Snorkle out of the air box and hole saw a circle out of it

Bigger sproket on the back and smaller on the front

Handle Bar riser

So, what i need from my little helpers is:

What size jets (i checked around and got no definite answers)

What size sprokets?

So right now, it's stock other than a Factory 4.1 or Powercore 4 slip on and some possibly renthal bars. Anyother good fairly cheap mods? Anything you guy's think i'd be doing wrong.

I can't really get my hopes up, i don't even own the bike yet. heck, the only thing i;ve told my dad is that i've accepted the fact that i'll be riding a blue bike.

Thank you all for the help,


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Well. Just went into the dealership today. And my dad looked the bike over, and it's trashed. It's probab on a third tire, the plastics are beat to pieces. So, that bike is a no go. He's leaning towards a KLX now, which I'm perfectly fine with. But, I want a new bike quicker, which might not happen with the KLX. But I'm still hopeful.

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