Colorado Riders

How many Colorado riders are out there on this list? I'm in Golden and I met another guy here in town from this list. We've been riding together most of the fall now. Drop me a line at

Roostn in Denver

Sleekfreak is from Fort Collins and and I am from Lyons. I think there are a few others, including your host. Do you ever make it out to Berthod?

Hey Guys,

I lived in Colorado for 4 years, and one of those years was in Denver. I moved from there this past August, but did plenty of MX out at Watkins and a couple of times out at Berthod. I miss those tracks, with Watkins 100ft table tops and Berthod's wide open spaces. Now that I'm on the East Coast, I don't have the luxury of riding year round. Hope to get back out there again some day. BTW, Colorado Springs has a great track that you're probably familiar with called Aztec. Very well maintained and professionally organized races. It's worth the drive.


Hey guys,

I also used to live in CO, Colorado Springs. Raced SRAC for about 10yrs before moving to sunny California. Berthoud used to be one of my favorite tracks...always rough. Still stay in touch with a handfull of guys that now race the Vet and Senior classes in both MX and enduros. Also did a little roadracing (Aspen and the track east of Denver ???) and raced the Pikes Peak Hillclimb twice.

Miss all of the great areas to trailride at, however I don't miss the long cold season.....did I mention it's in the upper 70s today and may reach the 80s tomorrow ? Just kidding !

Stay warm,


Ken Murphy, Colorado Springs

Raced enduros for 13+ years, chairman of RMEC

for two of those years.

Now I spend most of my time trying to jet

my FoTwennySix. Glad I haven't gotten rid

of the TwoFitty yet. :)

I live in Highlands Ranch south of Denver.


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Hey Colorado guys, I am in Wichita KS and have just taken up riding. I have a yz400 (in the shop poor mech & $$ basket case but another story for sure)my riding partner has an 01 ktm sx400 (sweet ride) and I want to road trip to ride some trails in Colorado as there are not any here. Actually there are only about 3 mx parks in the whole state of KS worth riding and 2 are privately owned.. Anyway where would be some good places to go to on a first trip to colorado for some riding? I don't mind doing the camping thing or staying in a hotel. Any suggestions that are easy to find and quick to get to from KS?

I think we should get a bunch of Thumpertalk members from around the country together for a big weekend ride fest!

Originally posted by Tom N:

I think we should get a bunch of Thumpertalk members from around the country together for a big weekend ride fest!

Crested Butte CO has some awesome riding-if the Clinton roadless plan did not shut a bunch down (I will check to see what the damage was). Anyway, if there is interest, I could put together a trip there for interested riders. I can get the rates REAL cheap as I am a partner in a rental property up there that sleeps 26. You can check it out at

It would be about $10 to $20 per person per night (depending on number of people). The place has 2 hot tubs, 9000 sq ft and a THREE CAR GARAGE THAT LOCKS for the bikes. If you check our rates you can see that I am just going to cover electricity, cleaning and some wear and tear. If I offend anyone by this post I apologize. This place would normally rent for $820/night, if I could get $200 night (10 to 20 people at $10 to $20) the other partners would be cool with it.

Is anyone interested in this?

Interested - Hell yea I am interested and so is my riding partner... might even know a couple of other thumper riders who might be as well if we want em along.. I think it would be a blast to plan a short weekend thing for this summer or late spring.. I am not sure what the weather is like there? Surely we could get a bunch of thumpers together for something like this, maybe we should start a new board "colorado thumper trip" that everyone could post to and start planning..

I have to get my bike back from the shop and see if it runs (again thanks for your advice) but I think there is plenty of time for this.

Feel free to e-mail me directly at - home

or - work


Tom N.

I am orginally from CO. I miss my poineer plates. LOL But I would also recommed Rampart Range. Some great trails.


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