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Agip oils, is "SPEED" any good?

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I ride a 2009 125 EXC, and my friend with the husqy 125WR and currently use motorex fully synthetic cross power, but it's way too expensive, so,

from the Agoip catalog which one do I need for my bike? they have a few which are 100 synthetic...

here are the diffrent ones they have:


I thought they were the same, but they are totally diffrent...

I was offered the one they call "speed" is it good enough?

because I look at it, and at the "racing" spec, and the specs are completely diffrent, for example:


Viscosity at 100° 20 mm²/s

Viscosity at 40° 182 mm²/s

Viscosity Index 130

Flash Point COC °C 210


Viscosity at 100° 9,7 mm²/s

Viscosity at 40° 55 mm²/s

Viscosity Index 162

Flash Point COC °C 82

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the manual recommends racing, but we only have the speed here, what do you say?

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