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My $100 Motovan

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came across this unit through a friend of mine. I had actually parked

next to the van when we went to play thursday night dart league. When I

got inside, my friend asked if I saw the van. "Yes" I said, I parked

right next to it. "Its for sale " he says. So on & so on......

Basically, the guy wanted it out of his driveway, and I wanted this

van. So, $300 later, I signed the title & drove her home. It is a

white 93' Ford E150 Cargo van, no windows in rear. 5.0liter 302 w/

130,000 miles.

New balljoints & U-joints, Decent tires, Straight

body w very minimal rust. The only 2 things wrong are an exhaust leak,

& the tranny doesnt have OD. (I dont use OD pulling trailer anyway,

but I have another OD tranny if I need it.)

The plus side of the deal so far is, I took out the metal partition wall, center counsel, shelves and am removing ladder rack.

I made $200 on these, so I only paid 100 for the van. Heres what Ive done so far...








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I wont be hauling in this van, so no need for the wall. I pull a 5x8 enclosed with it. Im oly planning on using this van a short period, then selling because I want an extended model. With the extended, I can build a wall right behind the couchbed, and still have room for the "garage area" in the back to haul bikes inside. This is basically my camper for the summer......

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The couchbed I got off craigslist for $50. Was like new, and its power!!

The guy said it was from a fullsize dodge conversion van.....all I know is its damn comfy! Much better than sleeping in a tent, and much more fuel efficiant than a camper.

Gotta have the CB man! Thats my traffic updates from the truck drivers, gotta have it! annnnnnd, its easier than calling or txting ur buddy who is rt behind you.

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