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hi all , 1st time posting here

im looking at getting rid of my road bike and get myself a commuter that i can get dirty on weekends:banana:.

im a fairly big guy 6'3 and 105kg and plan to spend most of the time on road , work is around 20k's up the road and swap the wheels over for the dirt work.

i have several bikes im looking at:banghead: and im chasing opinion's on all of them cos im just confusing myself:bonk:

3 big bikes

suzuki dr 650 , husqvana 610 and yamaha xt660

and 3 smaller bikes

suzuki drz400 , yamaha wr450 and kawasaki klx450r

all of these bikes are road registerable here in australia so any pro's and con's on any or all of them just let it rip

thanks in advance


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I would rule out the WR450 and KLX450 right away. They are race bikes with very high strung motors that need a lot of attention and maintenance (valve checks, oil changes, motor wear/tear inspection). I can't speak to the XT660 as I don't know anything about them. For the rest though...

DR650 - Great all around dual sport. It can ride on the road all day long without missing a beat. Highway speeds are not a problem either. It will do fire/gravel roads and wide/easy trails pretty well too. Very relaxed maintenance schedule and when you have to do it, it's very easy. For tight, steep, rocky, muddle, root laden messes of trails though, it is just too much. The bike is heavy, severely undersprung, and the street gearing is a little too tall.

DRZ400 - Acceptable on the road, but "buzzy" at highway speeds. Though it's not really THAT much lighter than the 650, it feels lighter and slimmer in the trails. Definitely better in the tight stuff with the right tires. Suspension is better as well, but still a little soft. Maintenance is very relaxed here as well, though if you have to adjust shims, it is a bit more involved than the screw type valve adjusters on the DR650.

Husky 610 - Never rode one, but they are known to be pretty reliable and great dual sports. Maintenance is a little less relaxed than the Suzuki bikes, but nothing like a 450. Said to have great power and good suspension as well. Depending on your location, parts may be difficult to get.

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