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99WR400F Jetting. HotCams, piped.

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I just installed hot cams stage one cams on my 99 wr400f which came with a fmf force 4 pipe and muffler kit. Air box lid is removed. The plug after the camming with the 175 main, needle 2nd clip from top and 45 pilot was white in the center. Keirin cr carb.

When I got it it had a 175 main, needle at 2nd ring from top, 45 pilot jet. Per fmf I installed a 178 main, new 45 pilot, (did not crack the carb before ordering) and moved the needle clip to the 4th position. I also cleaned out the carb, not too dirty except for the jets. It is still popping at mid to full throttle.

I just installed a 180 jet. And still pops a little at mid to full throttle.

Here is what I am thinking. I have ordered 48 and 50 pilot jets, a fuel screw extender, (or whatever you call it), and have a 182 jet also.

Here is what I think might richen it up.

182 main

50 pilot

needle 8th position from the top.

Any suggestions?

I was hoping someone might have a clue. As far as elevation goes I am at 436ft. As far as I know the needle is stock. Please chime in if you have cammed a wr400. I am hoping someone other than me might have utilized the factory carb with upgraded jets with aftermarket cams and pipes. I really do not want to buy another carb, but if I do, the edlebrock unit looks good, just really expensive. At any rate, any suggestions will help.


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