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Jacksonville - Round 12- SX 2010 Predictions, Discussion and Results *SPOILERS*

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Picks are due Saturday Mar 27th at 9am PST (12pm local race time). Basically I will not accept picks once the practices start, so this might vary a bit but don't push it. Once the practices start I will not allow any more picks

>>HERE<< is a link to the east coast riders list

I wont go on about the rules, go to >>THIS<< topic to see the rules

This contest is now CLOSED to new players

please copy and paste the following format into your post so everyone's picks are in a same format and only use this format if you want to be part of the prediction contest. If you don't use this format I wont enter your picks.

user name

player number

450 class






250 winner


Fastest Qualifier


Notice that I have a space for player numbers. This is to help me enter your picks into the spreadsheet.

Here are the player numbers


please use rider #s and not names.

if you update your picks please make a NEW post and put UPDATE at the top of the post. Do not edit your original post.

Here are the top 25 in points


>>HERE<< is a PDF of everyone's scores



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