State park near pocono pa an paragon?


Hello everyone, is the state park near pocono atv only or can you ride diets there too?does anyone know if paragon will ever reopen?

Thanks frank

Bikes are not allowed on State ATV trails.

Bikes are not allowed on State ATV trails.


Paragon will doubtfully be reopened. I believe the owners of Paragon have opened a ORP in Ohio? or Indiana? anyway, not in Pa anymore. Paragon was shut down for bullshit reasons and their contract/lease was pretty much just thrown in the trashcan. there are alot of hard feeling to those to let it happen.

that sucks to us who lost a great park.

If it is a state park, why would it be only open to ATV's, is it a safety issue? I would think if a ATV can ride there why not a dirt bike, whats the difference?

The area is not in a state park but a state forest and the DCNR does not allow bikes on atv trails or ATVs on bike trails. It's not a safety issue but a DCNR doesn't like motorized off road vehicles issue.

If you were to ask the DCNR they would say that bikes are not registered through the DCNR like ATVs are. The truth is if the were registered the DCNR still wouldn't allow bikes access to the ATV trails.

If this bothers you please join PaOHV @ and help us with this issue. We have worked it for years. PaOHV's stand is why pay registration for a zero increase in riding areas.

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