GYT-R Ty Davis Tank?

I was looking at the GYT-R site from the rally guard mounts post and saw this tank:


From the description and picture it looks to be based on, or identical to, the IMS Ty Davis tank. I remember a few guys (Vincent WR400 for one) had problems with the petcock mounting threads. I wonder who is making this product for Yamaha? Are they just selling the same part?

For $230 (dry break included, blue or opaque) I think someone here should try this thing out (I already have an IMS).

Not sure if this is the same tank as the Ty Davis unit. I attempted to get the tank to work bu I became very frusttrated with melting the fuel lines and having the kickstarter rubbing aluminum in the mold.

Its an Acerbis tank.

jimt_yz400: This is not the tank from the earlier post. Ty Davis makes his own now, which is what you had trouble with. Mine works great-I can't figure out how you were melting the fuel line. Did you run a line to the side opposite the petcock? I just ran direct to the petcock and left the other side undrained (sort of a crude reserve tank). Most of it seems to splash over anyway. I only need 2.6 gal for my HS races so the extra was not important. Maybe that's the difference.

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