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Dr-z 400 kicker to street legal conversion

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I was looking into this and emailed www.bajadesigns.com to see what kit inneded this was the reply.

Hi Shannon we no longer a dual sport kit for the DRZ400 kick-start no longer. There are charging issues with our kit and the rectifier/regulator stock on the bike. It won’t allow the battery to be properly charged.

Thank You

Diego Land

Baja Designs Inc

1.800.422.5292 Ext 122


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Check out my thread on the topic for some ideas. Forrest at wheeling is setting me up with all but a headlight and computer (gotta have a speedo), Then I also have a plan for a complete DIY that I was going to do, and then there's the tusk enduro link.

TONS of information, just depends on how much you know and how much you wanna do vice having someone do it for ya.

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I talked to baja designs about this as well - the explanation I got was that the kit they used to offer came with its own rect/reg and didn't work well with the stock one. I did a bunch of research and came up w/ these links as other options-



I ended up making my own. hope this helps.

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