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Hi Guys,

I haven't posted in the ATV section before but here it goes!👍

I am 13 years old and I have been riding quads from the age of 3 (Suzuki 50cc!🤣).

I have one problem I find when riding a quad, When I turn a right handed corner I find it easier to slide my hand over the right grip and pull the thumb throttle with my index finger. I just find it a lot more easier then doing it normally.

It is probably quite hard to imagine as I haven't explained it very well, but the best thing is to do is put your right out in front of you and imagine you are holding a grip. Turn a left corner normally then turn a right. When you go to turn the right slide your right hand about 180 degrees over the grip so you can then pull the thumb throttle with your index finger.

You probably wonder why this is a problem but as you can imagine, I have to let go off the throttle as I slide my hand over 180 degrees. This causes the bike to be quite jolty and not a smooth ride.

I can turn a right handed corner normally (bringing your elbow in towards you) but I just find it unnatural and I have to keep reminding myself if I want to do a normal turning.

Should I just keep practicing turning correctly even though I find it uncomfortable (practicing might make me used to it so it will become natural) or is there another option I should try?

Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated!


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Always done this during very long right hand turns, like long sweepers in desert washes. Got to be careful however, if you have to react to the terrain quickly, like getting on the brake or lofting the front over an obstacle, it can be slow getting back to the normal position.

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