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Asterisk Braces after Tibial Plateau Fracture?

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Dr. Mark,

I'm recovering from a Schatzker III monocondyle TPF. Not a terribly messy break, a one inch split and a loose piece that went back into place. Reduction of the surface looks good on xray. Surgeon installed the Synthese stainless steel plate and 8 screws. I bought a pair of Asterisks because they looked to provide the best coverage against direct impact.

I'm reading here about risks from braces of femur breaks. Is that happening just to high-flying MXers? I'm an old lady dirtbike rider, don't race, not an aggressive rider. Just enjoy being out. I've been known to launch the crf250x at some obstacles in Moab, and not succeed in spectacular ways. But those days are probably over. Now it's mild to medium single track and dualsporting on the DRZ400. Are the Asterisks reasonably safe for me? Or should I send them back? I've still got another 10 days of the 30 day guarantee period, within which I can return them for a full refund. If noth the asterisks, then what?

thanks for your help,


(1968 Ossa 250 Pioneer, 1974 250 Pursang......on up to CRF250x)

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